The Aligned Business Mastermind with Jaimie Sarah

Helping you build and grow an ethical, profitable and sustainable business that you genuinely love to run

Who you spend time with - on and offline - is SO important. Now more than ever.

Have you been yearning to be surrounded by kindred spirits who cheer you on and who really see you? (Not just with their eyes, but soul to soul)

Are you a rebellious high-achiever who knows exactly what your next level looks like and you'd love high calibre, expert support to help you get there?

Does it grind your gears when teachers / mentors / coaches lecture AT you versus engaging in conversation with you?

Does the idea of sitting and listening to someone talking AT you for an hour make you want to run a mile?

Do you enjoy learning and growth experiences that are dynamic, free-flowing and interactive, yet concise?

Do you yearn for clear, practical recommended action steps that are fully personalised to YOU over one-size-fits-all pie in the sky theories?

Are you all about relationships that are fun and fruitful partnerships, not awkward stale hierarchical power trips where the other person tries to make you feel small?!

If so, The Aligned Business Mastermind might be for you.

Check out the information below and see what you think.

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My name's Jaimie Sarah and I'm the award-winning founder of The Aligned Business Blueprint™ and Business The Aligned Way™. And I help ambitious, visionary entrepreneurs to cultivate and continually expand upon the lives and businesses of their dreams.

And because I've worked with hundred of clients in your shoes, I know that at your level, having the right support can be something that's sorely missing, leaving you at times feeling frustrated, isolated and spinning your wheels.

I also know that the best way to help you feel confident, aligned and smashing your goals, month after month is by supporting you on an ongoing basis, in conditions that meet the criteria I just mentioned!  That's exactly why I created The Aligned Business Mastermind.

It's also why I've spent over a decade, tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of pounds learning from the smartest and savviest business and mindset experts in the world, so that I can distill and provide you with exactly the support and expert guidance you need to smash your goals, in ONE place.

So you can continue growing your business, sustainably and without burning out, losing your mind or never seeing your family. 
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Here's the thing. You don't know what you don't know. And I'm an expert at helping you to not only SEE but to RESOLVE any blind spots, strategic blocks or tactical missing pieces that are getting in the way of even better performance in your business.

In the space of just a couple of minutes with you on a hot-seat call, during one of our weekly trainings or at our of our in person days together, I can get right to the heart of what's going on for you and advise you on what your one best next step is.  

I can simplify it all right back, and help you get absolute laser clarity on what you need to do to move forward. I'll also recommend related resources from the vault of pre-existing content you'll get access to. 

I don't do one-size-fits-all strategies or advice. In fact, I fervently stand against one-size-fits-all advice. When you work with me, I connect and tune in deeply to what is truly in alignment for you right now, combining my intuitive abilities, my deep expertise around business, sales and marketing that WORKS, and my understanding of your unique business. 

So never again do you have to experience the ickiness of receiving advice that just doesn't sit right with you, because it's not true for you. 

So, if you're a high-performing business director with big goals, and you want to experience more confidence, clarity, and flow in your business... achieve your goals faster, and also have more fun along the way, I'd like to invite you to apply to join The Aligned Business Mastermind.
The Aligned Business Mastermind is only open until 31st January so don't delay! 


When you apply and sign up for an annual membership by midnight 31st January, not only do you get two months bonus membership free, you will also receive a bonus private 1:1 with me worth over £600.

Save Your Space in The Aligned Business Mastermind NOW

Doors close January 31st

*Only 5 spaces*
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you think, feel and do business

If you'd like to achieve even more, with less stress and more ease along the way, I'd like to invite you to join me inside The Aligned Business Mastermind. 

This is the single most powerful investment you could make in yourself and your business right now.

But it's only for committed, service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to evolve and to take action.

Sign up for The Aligned Business Mastermind now, spaces are very strictly limited due to the personalised nature of this offering.
Join this incredible mastermind and you'll get instant and ongoing access to:
  • Exclusive live, personalised, members-only business and mindset trainings with me, Jaimie Sarah, and my most trusted advisors. Benefit from a blend of practical business training and transformational mindset work, all in one place. You can even suggest and request future training topics. 
  • A high-vibe tribe of fellow high achieving game-changers and visionaries you can connect with and ask for feedback from. This kind of network would take you years, decades even to build any other way, but you can fast track it!
  • Get your most pressing questions answered in a live Q&A with me each week*. Hop on, get a quick yet mighty vitamin shot of high value coaching and consulting and power ahead with your goals with clarity and conviction. *Live Q&As take place three out of four weeks each month, and don't take place in December.
  • My personal hand on your journey during live calls and in-person days together. (In-person days only available at the gold level of membership) 
  • Access to a private vault of exclusive mindset recordings and activations plus no BS, straight to the point practical business trainings to empower you in your business and get you results faster than you would alone.
  • Life at the top can feel hugely isolated. Never feel alone again with a supportive tribe you can call on for support and encouragement whatever you're dealing with. 
  • A private, safe and non-judgemental space in which to share the opportunities and obstacles presented by life at the top.
  • Bounce your ideas and challenges around in a close-knit confidential space, with people who GET YOU, and receive expert guidance all in one place.
  • Access to my exclusive intimate one-day mastermind events when you sign up at the Gold level of membership, specifically designed for established entrepreneurs committed to growing their businesses The Aligned Way™. 
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SAVE £1994 plus receive a bonus 1:1 private session with Jaimie Sarah worth over £600!

(Only available when you sign up for an annual membership to The Aligned Business Mastermind by January 31st) 

**Only 5 spaces**
A "good" life and business isn't enough for you. Even "great" isn't enough. You and I both know you're here for a life and business that's an absolute aligned for you. 

If you're all in on your mission, you have a track record of success and you want to take things further with consistent, high-level expert support in a highly exclusive setting, join The Aligned Business Mastermind today and let's get you everything you've been dreaming of.
Below: The Aligned Business Blueprint™, my proprietary system for growing your business The Aligned Way™.
In the Aligned Business Mastermind, I coach and train you on each of the pillars of The Aligned Business Blueprint™ and the vault of previous trainings is also organised accordingly. So you can be sure you’re covering all bases and prioritising your learning according to your goals and stretch points.
  • Aligning your mindset
  • ​Aligning your services
  • ​Aligning your niche
  • ​Aligning your message
  • ​Aligning your sales process
  • ​PLUS exclusive bonus content around aligning your leadership, systems and finances (not available anywhere else!)
  • So you can continue growing an ethical, sustainable and aligned business that you love to run!
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**Only 5 spaces**
    Save £1994 AND receive a bonus private session with Jaimie Sarah worth over £600, but only when you register before January 31st.

    **Only 5 spaces**
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